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 As an infant, I was accidently dropped onto a gas heater. In result, one third of my face was burned passed 3rd degree. This unfortunate event left me with a big dark burn on my face, visible for anyone to see. Daily during my adolescence, I was questioned often "what happened to your face?" Sometimes, I was even singled out because of it. Over time, this caused me to feel insecure about my facial appearance. Although, I loved myself for my many other amazing qualities such as my intelligence, kindness, and a witty sense of humor. I let go of the idea of me being beautiful. That was until the day I discovered makeup... It was the school morning of my junior prom. My mother had purchased my first set of makeup. Full of excitement, I decided to wear concealer for the first time to school. Throughout the day, everyone I knew complimented me on how beauty I looked. I have never experienced such admiration for my beauty before. No longer was my scar the focal of my face. People could actually see the beauty in me. From that moment, I was hooked on makeup.



Naturally I became obsessed with all the wonderful things about makeup. Like how it can elevate your fashion by becoming an accessory to your outfit. And how it charges your feminine energy, because makeup helps you feel more elegant and graceful. Most of all, I really love the artistic factor of makeup. By using different colors, mediums and finishes, it allows you to achieve any look you desire. In my opinion, the freedom to express your creativity while being able to enhance your appeal is the ultimate satisfaction. 




 Most of my knowledge about skin care, color theory, and makeup application I taught myself. My main resources were  Youtube, beauty books/magazines and 

purchasing professional makeup artist courses online. Eventually, my makeup advocacy assisted me to acquire a job in the beauty industry, as a makeup consultant for Clinique. During my duration at Clinique, I expanded my cosmetic knowledge further and gained an abundance of hands-on experience with women and men of all different skin tones and types.


 As an infant, I was in an accident that burned my face passed 3rd degree. So all my life growing up I had a  large dark scar visible on for the world to see. Daily I was questioned "what happened to me." This scar made me feel undesirable and unacceptable during the years of my adolescence. One night I purchased makeup for my upcoming junior prom. The next day I wore concealer to school. During that day, I was stopped multiple times and told how beautiful I looked. I found myself literally in shook.

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